Our goal at is to keep your computer systems up and running. When you have a problem, you don't need to know that you are on a list, you need the answer in real time.

  • Immediate Response

    When you call us with a problem, you talk to a technical representative immediately. You don't have to leave a message for the support people to call back hours or even days later.

  • Online Diagnosis and Correction

    Because we install hardware and software at your office for remote access, we are able to locate and correct problems in minutes without waiting for a tech to be dispatched.

  • Fast On-Site Service

    When a problem cannot be fixed remotely, we schedule a repair call right away, not in days or weeks.

  • Full Service Maintenance Contract

    This contract covers all hardware attached to the main server, the server operating system, software, tape backup restorations and any PC workstations. In case of failure, we provide loaner equipment for any of component of the system to minimize downtime.

  • Server Only Maintenance Contract

    This contract covers the server hardware, server operating system,  software, and tape backup restorations. Loaner equipment is provided for the mission critical server components only. This contract is attractive because it will keep your server up and running with minimal downtime. Terminals, PC’s, printers, and other peripherals are not covered under this type of contract.

  • Software Only Maintenance Contrac

    This contract only covers the practice management software that we install. Hardware, operating system software, and tape backup restoration are not covered. This contract is available only in specialized situations where the practice is able to assume responsibility for operating system, hardware, and related issues.